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Tova Speter


Studio # 109

painting - muralist

About the Artist

Tova Speter is an artist, art therapist, art educator, and arts consultant. Her own work explores the natural beauty hidden within scrap wood; she facilitates collaborative art experiences with people of all ages; and she has more than fifteen years of experience leading community mural projects in the greater Boston area and internationally in Argentina, China, Panama, and Israel. Tova also has a private practice offering art therapy and mental health counseling services and works as a consultant with groups interested in exploring innovative ways to infuse more arts-based experiences into their programming.


About the Art

My art utilizes found wood as a conduit for an exploration of the energy found in nature. With the original grain as my guide, I work to transform scrap wood into works of art that highlight natural design, and hope to share the idea that everything has an inherent beauty when the time is taken to look at it from a new perspective.

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