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Tucker Nuzum-Clark

Surface in Motion

June 9-23

Show reception Friday June 9, 6-8, artist talk at 6:30. 


This show focuses on the intersection of texture and movement. Cups, pots, vases, bowls, all textured and expanded by hand, are guided into curves and edges by fingers and the spinning of the wheel. At the same time, whether gently pressed or deeply marked, the textured surface challenges movement, pushing back and expanding unpredictably across the vessel. The balancing point between the force of motion and the force of the texture itself, is where the pieces in this exhibition are found. A range of glazes are also used to highlight certain textures, subdue others, and bring attention to particular aspects of the form. I invite you to look with your eyes and your hands, as the pieces here are meant to be felt and held. Look closely at the exterior, interior, and the interplay of texture and glaze, and try to find something you didn’t see at first glance. Thank you for coming, and I hope you enjoy.

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