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Gretchen Nash


Studio # L101-106 (Potters Shop)


Artist Statement:

I have been working in clay since I was 15 when I took a pottery class in highschool and never looked back. I love to teach almost as much as I love to work in clay and have been teaching for almost 30 years. I love exposing young people to clay since I feel fortunate that such a wonderful teacher exposed me at a young age giving me an expressive outlet. For me, clay is limitless, therapeutic and humbling. My work ranges from functional wheelwork to non-functional handbuilt and raku fired pieces. The raku provides me with a more dramatic outlet that balances the more predictable (though not always!) elements of electric firing. Over the years, I have been fortunate to engage in many types of firing processes including wood, salt, pit and gas; each providing expression in a unique way. Paul Soldner and Steven Branfman have been mentors and teachers over the years, and my work is definitely influenced by their styles. My parents have an amazing collection of Native American art in their home, including original Maria Martinez pots from their time on a reservation in Arizona when my father served as a physician in the Indian Health Service in the late 50's. Their taste in art, and the esthetic I grew up with also resonates in my work and I feel lucky to have been surrounded by such beautiful pieces. Although my professional career has taken me in many directions, clay has always, and will always be a constant.


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