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Karen Krieger


Studio # 203


Artist Statement:

Karen Krieger’s ink and mixed media work focuses on a contemporary vision of

Chinese ink and wash painting from a Western viewpoint. Karen is drawn to the nonrepresentational and meditative reflections on the natural world expressed in this style of painting. Her intention is not to replicate an outer realism of a landscape but rather to capture the essence of a mountain range, the depth of water or feeling of atmosphere. Karen’s inspiration comes from observing natural patterns and contrasts around her. She paints using a variety materials and techniques paired with traditional Chinese ink and Xuan paper.


Karen Krieger shows her work regionally and internationally and is represented by the following galleries: According to McGee, York, England, U.K.; Inner Space Fine Arts, N. Reading, MA; E-Moderne Gallerie, Philadelphia, PA and Prince & Pilgrim Gallery, London, U.K.






Instagram: #karenmkrieger





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