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Maura Glandorf


Studio # 106

Artist Statement:

I have been interested in art since my childhood. I would spend wonderful afternoons with my father at local art museums and scouring art books. I studied at the Museum of Fine Arts and minored in art in college. Unfortunately, I majored in Finance and Accounting and pursued that as my career. I am happily back to embracing my artistic side, I am fascinated with the play of colors, portraying believable light and suggestion of objects rather than literal interpretations. I draw and paint with joy in no particular medium or style.  Please visit my website and follow me on Instagram @mglandorf


Maura Glandorf



Sisters, Christine Frieze (The Weaver) and Maura Glandorf (The Painter) explore their creative sides after careers in finance and business. Christine recently acquired a pre Civil War loom and she specializes in using techniques from years past to weave beautiful and colorful rugs that tell stories. Maura has studied at the Museum of fine arts school and is enjoying creating and experimenting with painting using oils, gouache and watercolors. The Weaver and The Painter are excited to add to the creative energy that is Gorse Mills Studios.


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