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Christine Frieze


Studio # 106

Artist Statement:

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t collecting, touching or admiring textiles.  Old tablecloths, vintage clothing, linen dresser scarves held a total fascination for me, so it was natural to pick up weaving.   I came upon it by grace.  A small, old loom at an estate sale wouldn’t let me go home without it.  From there, a search for a teacher led me to The Marshfield School of Weaving in Marshfield, VT and master weaver Kate Smith of Eaton Hill Textiles.  The school is held in an old barn filled with 18th and 19th century 4 post barn looms. It felt like heaven.  While there, I gravitated towards weaving rugs.  

Several years later and I’ve taken possession of one of her 200+ year old looms and brought it back to Gorse Mill.  As an accountant by training, weaving makes total sense to me.  Puzzles and patterns delight my brain and I’ve only begun scratched the surface of what is possible. 

Christine Frieze

Sisters, Christine Frieze (The Weaver) and Maura Glandorf (The Painter) explore their creative sides after careers in finance and business. Christine recently acquired a pre Civil War loom and she specializes in weaving rugs. Maura has studied at Museum of Fine Arts school and is enjoying creating and experimenting with paintings in oils, watercolors and gouache. The Weaver and The Painter are excited to add to the creative energy that is Gorse Mills Studios. 


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