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Liz Nania


Studio # 201

Painting and Textile Art

Artist Statement

I work primarily in two media: encaustic paint on wood, and mixed media textile art. My work explores themes of time, joy, the personal sacred, everyday life, women’s work, love, identity, and social change.

Painting: I work primarily in encaustic, a luminous, molten beeswax-based paint; I also occasionally work in acrylic and mixed media. I rarely plan my semi-abstract imagery; it emerges intuitively while I’m painting, with a language of symbols that have organically grown in my work. Floating circles rise up, bound for new adventures; grounded nests may envelop, offering protection in times of turbulent change. Orbs emerge like rising suns, suggesting stability and strength, overseeing life's storms and sun showers.

Textiles and Mixed Media: I’m fascinated with vintage American embroidery, and I use it as the starting point for my work. I collect embroidered household linens from thrift shops, friends, and flea markets, and I cut them up, collage them, hand stitch over them, and add elements of paint or mixed media. As in my paintings, I don’t pre-plan my finished piece; the imagery emerges intuitively while I’m working.  As I reinvent the textile work of the mid 20th century, I am drawn to create new work that is emotional, sensual, feminist, intimate, and unapologetically feminine. 



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