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GMS Backyard Project

Artists may search the world for inspiration, but for this special group show, our artists decided to look just beyond our own back door at 31 Thorpe Road in Needham. Rather than just capturing the same view, each artist interpreted Gorse Mill’s wooded backyard sanctuary in their own style and medium. The resulting artwork is a sublime mix of creative expression. Some potters used pine needles from our woods as part a kiln firing process called raku, while others painted on their ceramic surfaces, looking into the natural world beyond their door. Some artists looked to the trees, others looked to the snow, the water and the wildlife. There’s even jewelry incorporating wood from branches that had fallen during the winter. 


Our artists have hosted many group shows in the Gorse Mill Gallery over the years, but this is the first time that all the work was created around a unifying theme.  Feel free to circle the building and visit the wooded inspiration that surrounds us.



Exhibition Dates: April 28 – May 7, 2015


Gallery Hours:

Mon-Thu 11am-5pm;   Fri 10am-4pm;   Sat 1-5pm   

or by appointment call  (781) 449-7687 








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