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Cindy Rivka Marshall


Studio # 210

storytelling, performances and workshops

Professional storyteller Cindy Rivka Marshall tells Jewish and multicultural folktales with a dramatic and engaging style. She chooses stories that resonate with her sense of wonder and her value of respect for all. She was an invited presenter at Limmud UK in Coventry, England and featured performer at Riverway Storytelling Festival. Her recordings have won awards from Storytelling World, National Parenting Publications and Parents Choice. Cindy also teaches workshops and consults, using story eliciting and listening to facilitate learning, to build community in synagogues and schools, and for professional development. She works as a consultant to Combined Jewish Philanthropies and Brandeis High School Summer Programs. Her work appears in the book “Mitzvah Stories,” a finalist in the National Jewish Book Awards.  


At the Dancing Tree Story Workshop at Gorse Mill, Cindy and others offer workshops in storytelling skills, as well as performances and other events.

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