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Newton Animation and Video

Newton Animations and Video's offers training in 3D animation via Cinema 4D, video and animation production and post production via Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro (using green screen technology), 3D printing and coming soon Video Game Design (2D and 3D). Our classes are designed first and foremost to be fun. At the same time, students learn skills expected to be in great demand in the future. Most important, our programs are designed to build confidence in all of our students. All 3D design related classes are 105 minutes (1.75 hours each), one day per week over a period of 8 weeks. We will be offering an amazing course in video game design beginning in September 2015 (we expect overwhelming interest in this video game design class...we recommend you follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our e-mail list if you might have a teenager interested in this class). Your kid(s) must have their own computer to use during class (we can rent one for you if necessary) should also practice at home. Feel free to call us at 781-708-1255 or e-mail us

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