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Barbara Johansen Newman


Studio # 102

author & illustrator

Barbara Johansen Newman spent ten years as a puppeteer and soft sculpture artist before she transitioned into an editorial artist and children’s book author and illustrator. Since 1982 her work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, calendars, and more than 25 books. She is the creator of Tex and Sugar, the popular Bobbie and Joanie books, Glamorous Glasses and Glamorous Garbage (due out in 2015), as well as the illustrator for the books in the Bones Detective series written by David A. Adler.
In addition to her illustration and writing work,  Johansen Newman has retuned to painting on canvas and found objects/assemblage pieces. She often collaborates with artist Rirchard Dunbrack.

Artist Statement:
“In the end my art is all about two things: the figure and the narrative. Every person, fictional or real, has a story to tell, and every face an emotion. I look for unique ways to convey those stories, either in book form or  by simple painting.”



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